Fixed Income Analytics & Pricing

For institutional holders of fixed income bonds and fixed income investors, Oakleaf provides a granular, bottom-up approach to fixed income portfolio management.  With our industry-proven analytics, we offer our clients a wide spectrum of portfolio management and valuation options depending on their unique needs:

  • Our comprehensive valuation methodology combines seasoned staff with market-tested modeling expertise. 
  • Oakleaf internal resources offer a wealth of knowledge derived from many years in securitization. Our internal and advisory team encompasses experience with issuers, trustees, investors, bankers, portfolio managers, and GSEs.
  • Our analysis incorporates a vast understanding of underlying collateral, structural nuances, and their impact on valuation.

Oakleaf services in this area include:

  • RMBS Special Situation Analytics & Strategy Support
  • Independent Portfolio Valuation
  • Credit Risk Transfer
  • Whole Loan Portfolio Management