Mortgage Lending & Servicing

Oakleaf provides unparalleled mortgage quality control and due diligence services to support our bank and non-bank originator clients.  We support their mortgage origination and securitization operations by combining a robust mortgage underwriting team, a mature in-house underwriting platform and broad expertise in mortgage lending, compliance, and securitization.

We offer our clients an independent quality measurement of loan manufacturing operations as well as ongoing monitoring of loan portfolios and securitized pools.  

Our proprietary re-underwriting platform - launched with a GSE client in 2010, and deployed on numerous subsequent engagements - was developed specifically for assessing loans’ compliance with underwriting guidelines, representations and warranties, and creating clear repurchase finding/defect reports. The platform has processed over 30,000 loan reviews. At Oakleaf, we know quality and actionable reporting is paramount. Our platform facilitates easily customizable reports – supporting simple, drag and drop functionality.

The breadth and depth of commercially available mortgage data has advanced significantly. Oakleaf combines our underwriting capabilities with our mortgage data analytics to produce clear factual reporting of underwriting quality, compliance, and representation and warranty checks.  

Oakleaf services in this area include:

  • Third Party Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Compliance Management – GSE, federal, state, local
  • TRID Compliance
  • HMDA Reporting; data validation; fair lending testing
  • Pull-through analysis
  • Outsourced Underwriting