Loan Quality

Our proprietary re-underwriting platform – introduced with a GSE client in 2010 and deployed in numerous subsequent engagements – was custom developed specifically to assess compliance with underwriting guidelines, regulatory requirements, and transaction stipulations, representations and warranties. Our in-house programming team continuously improves our platform to support evolving industry requirements. Oakleaf Group has analyzed over 30,000 loans, developing a deep base of relevant experience and knowledge. That experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop a mature, flexible, and comprehensive software platform enabling efficient and accurate reviews.

Quality Control
  • Pre-Funding Audits
    • In-Line Origination Pre-Funding Reviews
    • Acquisition Pre-Funding Reviews
  • Post-Closing Quality Control
    • Sampling 
    • Defect Analytics for QC Prioritization
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Statistical Sampling & Discretionary Selection Consulting


  • Loan Tracking 
    • Customize Loan Workflows and Reporting Platform
  • Loan Transfer/Boarding Audits
  • Under/Over Charge Identification
  • ARM/HELOC Modification Portfolio Reviews
  • On-going Quality Control
  • Targeted Process and Data Reviews
  • Loan & MSR Acquisition Diligence
  • Servicing Audits Consulting 
    • Principal & Interest Verification 
    • Data Quality Reviews