Residential Mortgage Due Diligence and Quality Control

Oakleaf Group's Due Diligence and Quality Control services allow lenders, originators, servicers, GSEs, investors, trustees, and securitization sponsors to receive crystal clear evaluations of their loans against relevant criteria - including underwriting guidelines, regulatory requirements, transaction stipulations, and representations and warranties. Since 2010, Oakleaf Group has reviewed over 40,000 loans, developing a deep base of relevant experience, knowledge and technology.

The Oakleaf Group was recently added to Standard & Poor's Global Ratings (S&P) list of third-party review firms (TPRs), validating that Oakleaf Group meets the assessment factors discussed in their criteria "Methodology and Assumptions for Rating U.S. RMBS Issued 2009 And Later."

Oakleaf Group delivers accuracy at low prices using our own in-house processes, an obsession for automation, and a 100% U.S. based workforce of expert underwriters, eliminating the potential risks associated with offshore resources or use of numerous third-party vendors. Our APIs provide our customers with real time access to their own data, which eliminates having their data stuck inside the system. Our proprietary system OakleafRMS has been developed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use, and is complete with extensive data fields, automated workflow and business rules, and comprehensive reporting to meet our QC and due diligence clients' needs. 

Contact Brad Davis, (410) 963-0786 or to learn how Oakleaf Group's Due Diligence and Quality Control capabilities can help your organization gain actionable insight into your loan quality. 

Quality Control

Pre-Funding Audits

  • In-Line Origination Pre-Funding Audits
  • Acquisition Pre-Funding Reviews

Post-Closing Quality Control

  • Sampling 
  • Defect Analytics for QC Prioritization

Compliance Reviews

Statistical Sampling & Discretionary Selection Consulting

Securitization Due Diligence Reviews

  • Narrative Report Development
  • Original and Final Conditions Reporting
  • Credit/Capacity/Collateral Reviews
  • Valuation Reviews including AVMs/Desk Reviews/Field
  • Responsible Lending Compliance
  • Data Integrity and Validation
  • Loan Grading and Grade Migration Analysis
  • ASF/ABS-15g Reporting


Loan Tracking 

  • Customize Loan Workflows and Reporting Platform

Forensic (Litigation) Reviews and Testifying Experts 


Loan Transfer/Boarding Audits

Under/Over Charge Identification

ARM/HELOC Modification Portfolio Reviews

On-going Quality Control

Targeted Process and Data Reviews

Loan & MSR Acquisition Diligence

Servicing Audits Consulting 

  • Principal & Interest Verification 
  • Data Quality Reviews