Data Management & Application Development

In financial services organizations, data and models utilized across the enterprise are critical to making major risk decisions, allocating capital and reserves, and much more. Upgrading this technology environment presents unique challenges for the business, whether undertaken in small bursts or comprehensively, and whether implementing COTS software or building custom tools and applications. In addressing these challenges, it is very useful to have an experienced partner like Oakleaf to help define and achieve the desired target state, while employing demonstrably successful guiding principles. 

Business areas embarking on transformational initiatives face levels of complexity among systems, people and processes that can challenge the best of implementation plans. Success can hinge on the ability to effectively incorporate new capabilities utilizing outside resources. Oakleaf has provided over 500,000 hours of talent in over 650 engagements with longstanding clients over the past 11 years. Oakleaf can reduce the burdens of bringing on new resources and help build a team optimally:

  • While initiatives are in the planning stages, Oakleaf can assist with discovery of the resource need and developing a resource plan. A skills inventory and gap analysis is applied to our practical market awareness of talent availability and cost.
  • Having agreement on the resource profiles in advance ensures that the initiative hits the ground running when the initiative is green-lighted, directly contributing to the quality and timeliness of critical path.
  • It pays to be discriminating in the selection of a resource partner. Working with a firm that has expertise in financial services initiatives will save valuable time and budget.  Oakleaf’s thorough pre-screening ensures that clients interview only a handful of highly qualified candidates who are priced right.
  • Once resources are initially placed, Oakleaf stays involved for the duration of the initiative, to ensure the talent is integrated into the client's team. We remain fully prepared to assist with the inevitable adjustments as the initiative progresses.

Oakleaf services in this area include:

  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Software Testing & Systems Development
  • SAS, Python, R, SPSS Systems Development
  • Project Management
  • Relational Database Design, Development, Administration
  • Custom Model Programming
  • Intex Customization and Programming
  • Data Sourcing, Reconciliation, Modeling and Testing
  • Business Analytics Design and Implementation
  • Portfolio Risk Management & Analytics