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Disputes & Litigation

Oakleaf provides unparalleled litigation support services that support our law firm and disputant clients’ cases by combining deep domain expertise, consulting and testifying experts, loan file re-underwriting, advanced data analytics and modeling.

We assist clients through all phases of litigation starting with pre-complaint analysis through pleading, discovery and trial. Our team has provided expert witness testimony in state and federal courts.
Oakleaf's litigation support capabilities include:
Mortgage Litigation
  • Underwriting and Re-underwriting of mortgage loans to assess compliance with underwriting guidelines, compliance with federal/state/local regulations, and compliance with securitization representations
  • Application of public datasets to assessments of mortgage lending behaviors
  • Due diligence and quality control practices of originators, aggregators and securitization sponsors
  • Mortgage Servicing practices and industry standards
  • RMBS Trustee and Master Servicer practices including collateral management, servicer oversight, Event of Default analysis, and administration of representation and warranty frameworks
  • Damages and losses calculation and scenario analysis
  • Automated Valuation Models and Property Appraisals
  • Random Sampling and Adverse Sampling techniques
  • Loan cashflow analysis and RMBS Securitization cashflow analysis
  • Fair Lending compliance modeling
  • Government housing agency (HUD, Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA) policies and practices, including HUD post-endorsement and technical review practices
  • Macro-economic analysis of housing industry
Prescription Painkiller Litigation
  • Analysis of prescription activity, usage, and causes of death from publicly available datasets
Litigation Data Analytics
  • Statistical, financial and econometric analysis of large datasets produced in litigation
  • Combination and merging of disparate data to discover trends or patterns