Our Clients

Oakleaf’s clients are positioned at the intersection of four business change drivers:

  • The rapidly evolving banking and financial services regulatory landscape
  • The next generation mortgage industry
  • Requirements for Risk Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance capabilities in our clients
  • Advances in “big data” and the implications on businesses to digest, mine, and respond to larger and more complex datasets (including Cloud computing)

Our clients include:

  • G.S.E.’s – Government Sponsored Entities
  • Federal Agencies, particularly in the Financial Regulatory area:
    • FDIC
    • SEC
    • US Treasury
    • HUD / Ginnie Mae
    • U.S. Patent Trade Office
    • U.S. Navy
  • Banks
    • Large and Mid-Sized Banks
    • Federal Home Loan Banks
  • Mortgage Institutions
    • Regulators
    • Servicers
    • Multi-Family DUS Lenders
    • Originators
    • MBS Pooling and Issuing Firms
  • Large Technology  and Media Companies, including:
    •  AOL