Mortgage Due Diligence and Quality Control

The Oakleaf Group has a complete in-house mortgage underwriting and re-underwriting capability, led by senior management with significant experience in mortgage origination and managing origination organizations, and staffed with trained and experienced underwriters. 

We review over 20,000 loans per year.

Our capabilities include:

  • Federal, state and local compliance evaluation (including TILA, HOEPA, RESPA)
  • Industry standard anti-fraud checks
  • Underwriting and re-underwriting credit reviews, utilizing industry criteria for evaluating or re-verifying income, assets, employment and occupancy
  • Appraisal reviews, property value assessments and AVM assessments
  • Supplemental Due Diligence, as necessary, for FHA/VA mortgage insurance
  • Representation and Warranty reviews and Analysis
  • A mature, proprietary re-underwriting platform with data integrity checks and reporting capabilities
  • Robust internal Quality Control procedures ensure very high accuracy
  • Comprehensive document management, indexing, post-closing audits and servicing onboarding audits
  • Data integrity analysis for accuracy and completeness
  • Servicing notes and history review
  • Pay history analysis and review

Bringing these capabilities to bear, we provide:

  • TRID Compliance Assessments and Root Cause Analysis covering Good Faith Estimates, Calculation Accuracy, Disclosure Timelines, and Disclosure Formatting
  • Third party underwriting and re-underwriting for quality control, due diligence, securitization, pre-purchase analysis, repurchase, litigation, disputes and portfolio analysis
  • Origination and servicing quality control
  • Distressed asset reviews
  • RMBS 3.0 “Transaction Manager” functions:  monitor servicer performance, verify transaction cash flows, review and enforce representation and warranty (R&W) breaches and provide transparency
  • Fraud detection
  • Outsourced mortgage underwriting
  • Pre- and Post-Funding Quality Control Reviews for direct mortgage lenders