Model Governance

Modeling and Analytics

Today’s businesses face increasing pressure to drive measurable results and demonstrate return on investment. Oakleaf’s Modeling and Analytics team is dedicated to helping businesses effectively leverage data and consumer insight through data modeling and analytics.

Our team of PhDs, statisticians, and data analysts helps businesses develop and execute measurable strategies that move the needle. Drawing from our years of industry experience, we take data and create intelligence that enables our clients to engage more effectively with their customers, markets, and prospects.

Clients can now call upon the Oakleaf Group to lead or assist in the development of new specialized financial models and computer applications; or, to review and critique existing financial models. Mid-sized and smaller lenders especially — lenders that generally cannot afford a full-time analytic staff — may lack the internal horsepower to carry out sophisticated financial modeling initiatives. For such lenders, the Oakleaf Group Financial Modeling and Analytics consulting represents a cost-efficient way to bring high-powered skills to the table when needed.

Cashflow Forecasting

Accurate cash forecasting helps you project trends, make better business decisions, and avoid the costs of unexpected cash shortfalls. Oakleaf’s management solutions can help you improve your cash forecasting and liquidity analysis by streamlining cash management processes and increasing visibility into your global cash position.

Our experts also look at the effects that economic and market conditions may have on corporate finances. Even before times of economic trouble, the analysis can help identify which non-paying or late-paying customers may have the greatest effect on corporate cash reserves. This knowledge can help prioritize collection efforts. The projections can also help identify when inventories or capacity are too great given anticipated demand for a company’s products and services.

Mortgage Modeling

Oakleaf provides lenders and other financial services firms with full lifecycle of support in adopting or maximizing a mortgage product lines: from strategy and business model development, to assessing the financial opportunity and pricing. Our team has been providing mortgage consulting and modeling services to a growing number of industry clients.

Statistical and Economic Analysis

Oakleaf Group provides statistical analysis, applied economics, and survey design services. We are dedicated to providing clients with solid, data-driven solutions to complex analytical problems.