Wes Mesirow

Wes Mesirow
Director, Due Diligence

Wes Mesirow is Director of the Due Diligence team at The Oakleaf Group, LLC.  He is responsible for managing the team that provides mortgage consulting servicing, third party due diligence, and litigation support for Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS). His responsibilities range from overseeing the technology and underwriting team as well as corporate strategy, business development, financial planning, and managing relationships with testifying experts and legal teams.

Wes has been a part of the Oakleaf team since 2012 working with clients that include various law firms and the FDIC.  Prior to joining Oakleaf, Wes was with a marketing research group doing consumer product testing.

Wes holds a Master of Business Administration degree from The John Hopkins University and Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Delaware.