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Loss Share Data Advisory for Federal Financial Regulator

Oakleaf Group provided a hybrid set of financial Subject Matter Expert (SME) and data science/analytics and services to the FDIC’s Division of Resolutions and Receiverships (DRR) and Risk Sharing Asset Management (RSAM) group.  The objective of these efforts was to explain, enhance and recommend new data analytics for the data ingested from the then-newly rolled-out nationwide bank resolution, or (“Loss Share”) program. 


Oakleaf’s SMEs led the rapid development of actionable financial institution data analytics. Quickly mastering the client’s IT and data infrastructure and informing FDIC on the implications of these new sources of data, Oakleaf worked closely with the business owners to explain the meaning and applicability of available data and leverage that data into powerful decision-support capabilities to ensure accuracy in approving $40+Billion of repayment requests by banks.


Our SMEs’ depth of knowledge and cross-agency collaborative approach to executing agreed-to-tasks, resulted in the rapid identification and development of a modernized analytics (future state) capability. We quickly prototyped new analytics routines for the FDIC’s use in the evaluation and assessment of the utility of the data, which enabled the FDIC to quickly start using available data analytics to ensure it remained relevant, user friendly and accurate. We also helped institutionalize the analytics programs and created repeatable processes for applying sound report creation, management and archival capabilities to ensure business resilience and sustainability.


We delivered early on a 30-day requirement to provide the research supporting a Congressional request to the FDIC for a hearing on the economics of Loss Share in US regions. We also provided analytic methods to enable the FDIC to quickly respond to changing industry requirements to identify and implement mechanisms for tracking the maturity of servicing in loss mitigation activities.


We performed pro-forma and proactive analysis to derive the underlying changes to economic factors impacting the organization, and, anticipating how the data sources would evolve, drove improvement in client’s analytics capability.


Performed a comparison of commercial real estate vs. Loss Share performance, integrating external COSTAR data. Results provided the validity check to support FDIC management team’s non-performing loans conclusions.


Began as an advisor and progressed to lead data expert on Receivership Assets Data Repository (RADR) elements and quality. Defined and implemented business requirements for any Change Control Board-approved changes. Coalesced IT and business teams to derive and implement RSAM data standards to the RADR database. Proposed standards and analytics to optimize the calculation or definition of critical data elements.