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Building a Client Initiative Team

Large GSE Finance Division

Client Challenge: 

Oakleaf was asked to assist with developing and implementing a human capital strategy to support an emerging multi-year initiative in the Finance Division. The department responsible for the business analytics infrastructure for the GSE’s forecast models had a target state and funding for an initiative to select and adopt new tools and data environments, but was resource-constrained in launching the work.

There were several challenges that our client faced:

  • Four department teams operated in distinct data environments with older generation data aggregation and reporting tools and manual ETL processes.
  • Change would be complex and time-consuming.
  • Stakeholder engagement was inconsistent and needed to gain momentum.
  • Existing staff could not take on the initiative without supplemental resources; exact needs not yet determined.
  •  Skillset gap was a moving jigsaw puzzle throughout, shifting with client’s understanding of available talent pool and as hiring decisions filled gaps.
Oakleaf Approach: 

In order to combat these challenges, Oakleaf refined its understanding of current and target states overall within each team and determined pain points. We facilitated cross-team conversations to accomplish skill set gap analysis and identified back-fill opportunities to free up FTE time and provide the necessary new skills. In addition, we advised on availability and cost of desired skill sets in the market as well as developed position descriptions and hiring strategies with the client teams. Oakleaf team members attended client interviews to better understand our client’s need and adjusted our hiring strategies as the team began to take shape and gaps changed. This was done via continuous conversations with the hiring managers. This collective approach allowed us to quickly and efficiently place highly-qualified hires to support our client’s initiative and ensure its success.

  • Client selected 14 Oakleaf people to hire in a 90-day period; adjusted to 10 new starts in a 45-day period with last-minute changes in client preferences and availability.
  • For each of the hiring decisions, Oakleaf processed dozens of applicants – several hundred in total.
  • Oakleaf conducted pre-screening interviews of approximately 10 prime candidates for each hire – over 100 such screenings.
  • Because of Oakleaf’s pre-screening, client only screened 2-3 candidates for each hire and conducted interviews of 1-2 candidates per hire. In some cases, client did not require their own interview of the candidate before hiring.