Practice Areas

  • Corporate Financial Accounting Management and Strategy
  • Financial Restatements
  • Internal/External Reporting and Auditing
  • Financial Accounting Standards (GAAP, FASB/FIN Compliance, Interpretation and Implementation)
  • Accounting Policy Analysis Development and Documentation
  • Operational Accounting, Same-Day Close/Trial Close Process Design and Modeling
  • Sub Ledger and General Ledger Implementation
  • Complex account reconciliations, cash tie-outs, and position records
  • Finance Transformation

Oakleaf Group Corporate Finance focuses on strategic and operational aspects of Corporate Accounting and Financial Reporting.  In today’s environment, emphasis on transparency and controls in financial reporting create significant challenges in CFO and Controller organizations.  Many challenges are linked to decentralized accounting functions, organizations, and/or systems that create complex reconciliation and certification barriers, particularly with new certification requirements introduced with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Oakleaf Group leads by understanding the materiality and process implications of relevant public company accounting practices, financial accounting standards, and internal accounting policies on our clients’ accounting organizations, processes and systems.  This understanding is the underpinning for targeted remediation, large-scale accounting system implementations, or Financial Event support.

We have assisted large financial institutions and financial organizations navigate complex financial restatements involving accounting policy, design of the accounting close processes, subledger and general ledger design, management, execution and reconciliation.