Capital Markets and Treasury

Oakleaf Group brings broad quantitative, technology, regulatory, and operations expertise to bear in developing practical yet robust strategies for our financial institution clients.  Our deep domain expertise enables us to assist our clients in addressing industry specific challenges in portfolio strategy, portfolio analytics, straight through processing (STP), financial operations, trading exchanges, and portfolio accounting.  Starting with a comprehensive understanding of a financial institution’s business activities, Oakleaf Group combines our knowledge of industry standard technologies and trading exchange protocols enables us to assist our clients in moving from legacy trading platforms to modern distributed architectures.  In addition, our risk management approach incorporates an enterprise wide view of risk management, including market risk, credit/counterparty risk, and operational risk. 

For trading floors and trading organizations, Oakleaf group brings an integrated approach to trading floors, middle and back office processes and technologies that facilitates and accelerates our clients’ trading goals and portfolio strategies.  We ensure that our clients’ corporate data assets are optimally organized and utilized, while at the same time implementing and managing necessary business controls.  Oakleaf Group then enables transparent and efficient hand-offs to accounting and analytic functions.  Through identification and leveraging of appropriate single system of record for transactions, reference data, and accounting journal entries, Oakleaf Group assists our clients in increasing operational efficiency, reducing error rates, improving counterparty reconciliations, and increased financial transparency. 

Our deepest area of expertise within Capital Markets is with Mortgage and Fixed Income portfolios. Trading a Mortgage portfolio in today’s market requires specialized pricing, risk management, collateral management, clearance, settlement, custodial, and accounting processes.  Oakleaf Group helps mortgage market participants develop, deploy, and manage these sophisticated and specialized functions.

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  • Mortgage Securitization, and the new GSE Common Securitization Platform (CSP)
  • MBS Derivative Structuring, Modeling, and Pricing
  • MBS Collateral Management and Optimized Pool Allocations
  • MBS Pool Notification Day real-time high-volume Electronic Pool Notification, auto-flipping, and exception handling

Capital Markets

  • Fixed Income Portfolio Strategy and Portfolio Analytics
  • Derivatives Hedging
  • Risk Management (Market Risk, Credit Risk, Counterparty Risk, and Operational Risk)
  • Trading, Position Management and Order Management
  • MBS To Be Announced (TBA) Trading
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Custom Trading Exchanges and Trading Exchange Integration
  • Middle Office Operations (Clearance and Settlement; Reconciliations) and Operational Accounting
  • Reference Data Solutions