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Diane Pendley

Diane Pendley
Senior Advisor

Diane Pendley is currently working as Industry Consultant at The Oakleaf Group (“OLG”) assisting OLG with various projects in relation to the securitization industry, primarily assisting with the assessment and improvement of operational risk for various parties involved in the process.  She has been in the lending/securitization businesses for over forty years, including production of loans, underwriting, secondary marketing and operational risk assessment. 

Previously, from 1997 to 2016, she was a Managing Director of Fitch’s operational risk group within its structured finance division.  Her responsibilities included program development and oversight of global residential and commercial servicer ratings and ABS seller/servicer ratings.  Her group was also responsible for originator/issuer reviews, transaction manager and due diligence company and report assessments.  In addition, she managed various other special projects related to servicing, origination, operational performance, and surveillance.   

During her time at Fitch, Diane also developed data disclosure requirements and monitored the data disclosure from issuers, servicers, due diligence firms and trustees to insure the proper distribution to the investors.  She served on several task force efforts, both with the ASF and the SFIG industry groups, as well as the Treasury in their efforts to restart the securitization market. Diane was on teams from these groups working on data disclosure development efforts, to improve the company's visibility in the industry, as well as to assist, where ever possible, the industry to recover from the crisis.  She spoke at several conferences and industry forums including the MBA, ASF, SFIG and IMN and served as an Industry Expert for various calls and meetings regarding securitization, servicing, loan origination, and other areas.

From 1990 to 1996, Diane was Chief of MBS Administration, Office of Securitization in the Resolution Trust Corp.’s Washington DC national headquarters.  Prior to this, she worked in various commercial and residential mortgage banking positions for several companies.

Diane received the Mortgage Bankers Association designation as Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB).  She earned a BFA and a MA in psychology from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas.