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Mission and Vision


Oakleaf Group's Corporate Mission

Our corporate mission is to increase fairness, integrity, transparency, and efficiency in financial markets.  We know that such markets better serve all stakeholders.  Our cultural north stars are trust and integrity.  We set out at the inception of engagements to tell our stakeholders what to expect, to live up to those expectations, and to treat others well.  The Oakleaf brand is as trustworthy as an oak tree.  This means:

  • Thrill and delight our clients by doing what we say we’re going to do, and going above and beyond whenever possible,
  • Challenge and reward our employees by providing an opportunity-rich professional environment for them to tackle hard problems and “learn and earn” every day, and
  • Charge fair compensation for value provided.  Neither overpricing nor underpricing are sustainable in the long term.

Oakleaf Group seeks to enhance the financial and regulatory industry with data-driven, model-informed, analytics-enabled and operationally-rigorous services and solutions.  Our services are provided by a team of dedicated, innovative and smart professionals who work at Oakleaf Group because they share this passion. Within our clients we primarily serve the business:  finance officers, economists, policy managers, portfolio managers, risk officers and risk managers, attorneys, accountants, and business managers.  

Client selection is integral to Oakleaf Group’s business strategy of Customer Intimacy.  We seek out long term relationships with clients who repeatedly engage us over time for quantitative data and analytic services and solutions. These long term relationships enable us to continually refine our service offering. As we collect detailed knowledge about a client’s environment and business priorities, we continually tailor and shape our services to fit an increasingly fine definition of the client. We willingly invest in client relationships to build loyalty for the long term. This strategy has been proven out in our long term relationships with Fannie Mae, FDIC, commercial litigation law firms, and several mid-size banks.