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Program Management

Oakleaf capabilities in the area of Program Management can take several forms. Below, we describe our approach to the two most common types of Program Management:  1) managing a collection of projects; and 2) managing a segment of on-going operations.

Managing A Collection of Projects

Program Management can refer to management of large set of projects. For example, major system changes are typically composed of a set of projects, such as custom development, Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) configuration, non-IT projects such as governance, change management, and so on.  Projects are managed through standard project management approaches, such as those articulated in PMBOK .  In this context, Oakleaf provides Program Management services including:

  • Definition of Program goals – what the collection of projects is seeking to achieve
  • Identification and management of dependencies between projects
  • Management of integrated project timelines, deadlines, deliverables
  • Creation of Program-wide set of context representations
  • Governance and reporting tools to track project progress and health
  • High level staff modelling and the allocation of resources to projects
  • Management of Program-wide risks and issues
  • Scope control in response to project performance (internal) and regulatory or market conditions (external)

Managing a Segment of On-going Operations

In this form of Program Management, the Program is a not a set of projects of fixed duration, but instead an on-going enterprise operating within an institution.  Programs are normally designed to deliver the organization's strategy from a slice of the total business model, for example back-office operations, trade desk, IT maintenance operations, bank or fed messaging. In this context, Oakleaf provides

  • Identification and reporting on Key Process Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Tools and processes for continuous improvement
  • Identification of external changes and impact on Program
  • Compliance with  internal standards
  • Creation of communication pathways throughout the Program
  • Managing the portfolio of small initiatives within the Program
  • Long range planning
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery

For both types or Program Management, Oakleaf can create a Program Office structure and deliver it to the client.  In addition, we can staff the office with a self-contained or mixed team.